Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dumb Jock!!!!!!

Twenty Nine year old Jacob Jock just might qualify for the biggest bonehead EVAH to use Facebook. First of all, I realize he drew the short straw when they were giving out names, but he's certainly old enough now to make a legal name change to something not quite as sleazy. Jacob Jock?????? That just sounds like a porn star, or a complete loser, which he has proved himself to be quite nicely.

So Jacob is a juror on an automobile negligence case and thought it would be a grand idea to send a Facebook friend request to the defendant. The defendant told her lawyer and Jacob was promptly dismissed from the case. Now, that may have been the end of the story if he wasn't such a Dumb Jock. Yeppers, he probably thought he just pulled a fast one over on the judicial system figuring out how to get out of jury duty.  However, Mr. smart ass decided to take it a step further and posted this comment on his Facebook page: "Score... I got dismissed!! apparently they frown upon sending a friend request to the defendant...haha".

Well apparently the Judge didn't like Mr. Jock's sense of humor 'cause she sentenced the bonehead to three days in the big house on charges of criminal contempt. SCORE DAT!!!!!!!

Take a look at the defendant there folks. It doesn't take an Einstein to figure out that the Dumb Jock wanted to be more than just friends with that hot babe. I think he was thinking with his penis rather than his pea sized brain. He might want to rethink his whole Facebook strategy while he's sittin' in the stony lonesome for 3 days tryin' not to drop the soap in the shower while Bubba is standing next to him. Otherwise it's Bubba who's gonna SCORE big time!!!!! He and Bubba can become great Facebook friends!!!!

P.S. Thank you Mary for the awesome tip on this story!!!!


  1. where do you find this stuff?? :-)

    1. Who is my new mystery WVU pal???? I google a lot of weird news but my friend Mary hooked me up with this Dumb Jock.

  2. This story sounds like the beginnings of a Lifetime movie in which the girl inevitably dies.

  3. Nice one. I hear people always wanting to get out of jury duty, this is just a new one though. Yea he may have had other thoughts with that purdy lady! Well maybe he had enough time to sit and think about what he done wrong. Im guessing when he got out of jail he proceeded to tell all his friends about how he landed there. Gawd Jocks are retards! ;) jUst sayin

  4. The lady is quite pretty, I'll give him that. But I think she might frown upon such stupidity. What a fool. And how did he even get on the jury if he's that dumb?

  5. Ah, like the man once said... Two heads and only enough blood to make one of them work.... Clearly he chose wrong!


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