Thursday, February 2, 2012

Who's Your Sugar Daddy?

DAMN, how about this 48 year old dude named John Goodman, the founder of the International Polo Club in Wellington, Fla, who legally adopted his 42 year old girlfriend as his daughter in order to protect his financial assets in a civil case. He is being sued by the family of a 23 year old man named Scott Wilson who was killed in a drunk driving accident, in which Goodman was at fault. Goodman was driving his Bentley at twice the blood alcohol limit, ran a stop sign, and slammed into Wilson's car. Goodman did not call police or an ambulance and left the scene of the accident on foot. To make matters worse, it was determined that Wilson did not die from his injuries in the accident, but as a result of drowning when his car plunged into the water. If the mother fucker would have called 911, Wilson may have been saved.

So instead, he thinks about savin' his own rich ass. Goodman's family made their fortune in the refrigeration industry and sold the family business for over a $1 billion. I wonder if they still have any freezers on hand, 'cause I imagine there are a few good people in this world who would like to put his sorry ass inside a sub zero unit and padlock the damn door from here to eternity.

Yeppers he seriously legally adopted his 42 year old girlfriend to protect his assets from the civil lawsuit. A judge previously ruled that a trust fund that Goodman established for his two minor children could NOT be considered an asset for any damages realized in the civil suit. Now, since his girlfriend is also his daughter, she is legally entitled to inherit 1/3 of his wealth. But that bitch hit the jackpot 'cause she's over the age of 35, and she can begin drawing money off the trust fund immediately. Now that gives sugar daddy a whole new meaning, 'cause he REALLY is her daddy!!!! If there was a "most hated list" in America these people get my vote to be at the top of the list. Such legal maneuvering to protect the rich, while the innocent people suffer. That poor kid came home from college for his sister's birthday and lost his life. His family is having to fight an up hill battle to receive justice for their son.

And folks, Florida is even more whacked out than I ever imagined. Get this- Goodman and his girlfriend/daughter will not be charged with incest if they have sexual relations because Florida does NOT consider a father and daughter to be "close blood relatives". SAY WHAT????????????????? Then tell me who in the hell are close blood relatives if a parent and child are not!!!!!! I guess second cousins are taboo in Florida but it's OK to have sex with your immediate family. Now just imagine when those two are in the heat of passion, and she calls him "daddy" and he calls her "baby girl", 'cause those are not just terms of endearment, but actual legal terms to describe each other. DANG, and I thought I seen and heard it all in those hills of West Virginia. Them there Mountaineers ain't got nuthin' on them there Gators!!!!

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  1. dayum....florida is an effed up place to be! shit!!!

  2. From what I understand, they're trying to nullify it in court. Since you don't have sex with your children and he is, maybe that can bring on some sort of incest charge?

    I dunno... this is just too weird to fathom.

  3. quite the sugar daddy, what a playa

  4. I hope sugar daddy gets convicted on the criminal charges. His money ain't gonna help him much in the stony lonesome.

  5. Well, the issue of "close blood relatives" came up for a vote and half the ballots weren't punched right...


  6. Him addopting his girlfriend is creepy... Him killing a poor, innocent boy and getting his way with it, it's even creepier! He deserves to be punished, certainly.

  7. Wow, what a complete and utter dick. I'm shocked that he's being allowed to do this. Flordia be crazy.