Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Big Debate

It's the third edition of Wacky Wednesday and I thought I would take a stab at the big debate that has been ALL over the news. No, I'm not talking Newt vs. Mitt. I'm talking serious shit here folks. I'm tackling the issue of whether Christina Aguilera's leakage down her legs at Etta James' funeral was the result of a spray tan or female problems.

Before I even attempt that issue, what the hell was she thinkin' showin' off her buxom breasts like that? Have a little respect for the dearly departed girl. Ya know when I was researching this story, some people were angry and saying that folks who were raggin' on Christina were haters, and that the focus should be on Etta. Well, I totally agree that the focus should be on Etta, but who can seriously focus on Etta when the mourners are forced to stare at Christina's giant knockers. Those puppies ain't gonna be singin' Etta's famous song "At Last" when they are free from their constricting garment. Instead, they are gonna be channeling their inner MLK and shouting "FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST"!!!!!!!!

Now the poor girl did have some sort of leakage problem. Period. It is a red substance running down from inside her skirt and down her legs. Period. Some folks are saying the leakage is the result of her sweating and causing her spray tan to streak. Period. I ain't never had a spray tan so I can't comment. Period. Other folks claim Christina had a menstruation accident. Period. Now that's somethin' I DO know about. Period!!!!! Whatever the verdict, Miss Aguilera needs a shower, a stylist who can dress her for appropriate occasions, and a suit that can better accommodate her new curves. Period.


  1. LMAO! Great post!

    I've had a spray tan and I don't think it's possible for something like that to happen... besides, why would the liquid be red? She definitely had some menstruation issues!

    Also, I agree with you, how could she show her breasts like that? After "Dirrrty" video came out I thought she needed a new stylist, right now I can think she could make good use of a full team of them.

  2. I think she's secretly an Xtina robot, and blew a gasket somewhere...

    And what the hell happened to her?!? I remember when she was "hot." (BIIIG airquotes there, by the way)

  3. This actually the first time I've heard of this, and in my humble opinion, this is a menstruation issue. Nothing will convince me otherwise.

    I also agree that tina needs to tuck her boobies into more appropriate attire. It's so disrespectful to have your breasts hanging out at a funeral. It screams attention whore. But that's what most celebs are anyway, aren't they?

  4. OMFG!!! Sorry but that is realllllly nasty! Gawd!!! lolz. I hadn't heard of this either, that dress is way to cleavagy for such an occasion though, I agree there. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Feeling like I'm sorry to have read this, but up to that point sorry I missed the funeral as I imagined the music would be off the hook...