Sunday, February 19, 2012

Back to Nature

Every year since 2002, my family has packed up and headed to the western part of North Cackalacky to take either one or both of my kids to Camp Cheerio, which is their absolute favorite place in the entire world. They spend two glorious weeks canoeing, shooting skeet, doing archery, riding horses, climbing, swimming and making new friends.

The weekend before we drop them off at camp we traditionally stay at a nice resort in Blowing Rock, NC. The kids are so damn spoiled. Since parents must pick up campers pretty early on pick up day, my husband and I usually stay at the Mom and Pop motel pictured above for one night. The motel is located on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and as you can see, is NO FRILLS. There are no TV's, you get no cell phone service, but the views of the blue ridge mountains are spectacular. Plus, there are hiking trails on the property, and my West Virginia hubby loves him a hike!!!! Of course when he goes on a hike, that guy likes to get back to nature if you know what I mean. We inevitably take a detour off the trail and get down to business!!! Those rabbits and squirrels ain't got nuthin' on us!!!!

But a few years ago, money was tight and we couldn't afford to take the boys to the nice resort before we dropped them off at camp. Hey, they were damn lucky just to be able to go to camp. So, we pumped them up for The Bluffs Lodge pictured above for one night. We were stocked up with reading materials, marshmallows to roast and a football to toss around. You should have seen the looks on their faces when we pulled up!!!!! They asked if we were going to be starring in some sort of horror flick. Ha, ha good one kids.  Then they said, "WHOO HOO we are room #2, check out this real screen door and the awesome closet we are sleeping in"!!! The boys actually were sleeping in a closet which was funny as hell. Yea it might not be The Embassy Suites, but damn it, we are going to have FUN, you hear me, FUN!!!!!!

The kids were really good sports about the whole deal. We toured the one room cabin down the road where the family had 13 kids back in the day. How do you even make 13 babies in a one room cabin when there are kids all around you???? That would be a natural birth control method for me fo' sho!!!!! Then the four of us went on an actual hike. No hanky panky this time. I could tell that poor Jeff was dying. Sometimes ya gotta take one for the team.

After that long hike, it was time to walk across the road to the coffee shop for dinner. Warning- if you want the fried chicken you either have to wait an extra 30 minutes, or you can have the front desk call ahead since that is the only telephone available. Now my kids LOVE them some country cookin' so this was the highlight of their day. Plus, the fruit cobbler is to die for!! After dinner, we walked back to our room and some guy was playing guitar around the campfire. We are talkin' wholesome goodness here folks. My kids started tossing the football to each other and I settled in with my People magazine.

All of a sudden, some other kids and parents came out to the lawn and asked if we wanted to play kick ball. Sure, what else do we have to do? Jeff had the illustrious position of "left ditch". We called it that because he was situated on the left side of the field down in a huge ditch. Everyone was laughing, running around, and having a blast playing this game with complete strangers. Hell, even some 75'ish year old granny nailed that ball and made it around to second base. I think I pulled my groin muscle jumping up and down cheering for her. Whew, after all that action, sleeping in that closet didn't seem so bad because those boys were dog ass tired.

Last night my family was reminiscing about our night at The Bluffs Lodge. I asked what they remembered and what they liked best. My little 11 year old comedian said, "If it wasn't for that kick ball game, we would have DIED". Died huh??????? Little does he know, his spoiled ass is staying at The Bluffs again this year before camp. 

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  1. That sounds like an awesome place to be. My girl is only 8, she'd die for sure. It would be like pulling teeth to get her to put the DS down, I'm not sure if Mr Monkey Butt would make it either, no tv or smart phone? whhhhhat? Im tempted to look this place up though. I want to go :) Hey we're headn to SC for the Bacon Shake this weekend, whewt!

    1. WHOO HOO let me know how that Bacon Shake tastes!!!!! Your arteries are gonna be lovin' it!!!!!

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