Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Who Rule the Maternity Floor?

Borrowing a few lines from Beyonce's song Who Rule the World- "Who run the maternity floor, Who run this motha, Who run the world"? Well, it appears as if you are Jay-Z and Beyonce, and you have $1.3 million, YOU DO!!!!! Yeppers, news reports are saying that the power duo paid the big bucks at swanky Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC to seal off a wing of the maternity floor, which included bullet proof glass and security when Beyonce delivered her baby girl on Saturday night.

Now that's all fine and dandy, but last time I checked we lived in a free country where you can't impinge on other people's rights just 'cause you got more money than God. I guess those superstars didn't get that memo and think they are some kinda special!!! So, not only did they have their own security, security cameras in the hospital were covered up so no one could see the diva Beyonce, and hospital workers on her floor were instructed to remove their cellular phones.

Then they pissed off a bunch of folks!!!! Many new parents and grandparents described the maternity floor where Beyonce was holed up as a virtual lockdown. Those folks voiced their frustrations over security measures that delayed or completely prevented them from visiting their own newborn babies. None so much though as Neil Coulton, whose wife delivered twin girls who had to be placed in the neo-intensive care unit (NICU) and was repeatedly kept from seeing his children by security guards of Beyonce and Jay-Z. On one occasion he was held back 20 minutes from visiting the NICU because the power couple wanted to use the hallway.

Ya know, maybe a public hospital wasn't the place for Beyonce to deliver her baby. I'm thinkin' more like a private island they own and rule where she could wear her tiara and be waited on hand and foot by her ladies in waiting. Jay-Z, the king, could set his own damn laws and behead anyone who disobeyed him. They could have security guards lining every inch of the island, and if anyone uninvited dared to set one toe on their precious sand, "OFF WITH THEIR HEAD"!!!!!!!!

Now I'm here to tell ya what would have happened if one of my kids was born at the same time as Beyonce's baby. My West Virginia redneck husband would NOT have taken kindly to anyone keepin' him away from his new baby, and neither would his kin folk. So, them there security guards may have had some fancy guns, but they would have been introduced to a West Virginia beatdown. For those of you who are unaware, that's poppin' the top on an old fashioned can of whoop ass and crackin' some bones wide ass open!!!!!! Let's just say those sawed off broomsticks that are kept in every good 'ol boys' car would have been sweepin' up some security guard shit on that maternity floor.   I'd take odds that my redneck buddies would be rulin' that motha!!!!!!!!!

Image via IGossip