Friday, January 13, 2012

Redneck Riviera

Ain't that purty? That's what my cement pond looked like this morning. Ya know in the middle of the night, I kept hearing the wind whippin' and howlin', but I paid no never mind. I just rolled over and went back to la la land. There were some strange noises, but after a few Jack Daniels, that's par for the course from my bed partner.

This time it wasn't Jeff makin' those noises. It was the damn wind blowing all of our pool furniture into the pool, as well as half the pine needles from all the surrounding pine trees. One lounge chair even sunk to the bottom of our 10 foot deep cement pond. Ryan was the first person to discover this mess at 7am while it was a balmy 38 degrees. I asked both boys if they were ready to take the polar plunge to fish out the chairs. Neither one jumped at the chance. Now I really don't know why since the thermometer said the pool water was 54 degrees. I mean that would feel like bath water in comparison to the outside temperature. Give them boys a bottle of shampoo and some soap, and they would be good to go for the day.

But I gave them a break since they had to go to school. When it warmed up a bit, I got on my belly, reached out and was able to rescue 3 of the chairs without even getting wet. The other 2 were a different story. I'm thinkin' someone is goin' in.

However, Uncle Jeffy, aka MacGyver, comes home from a long day's work and rigs up a big 'ol pole and goes fishin' for some furniture. And I'll be damned if he doesn't catch him 2 big ass chairs, even the blue one that sunk to the bottom. Ya gotta love livin' in The Redneck Riviera!!!!


  1. You get it Wayne 'cause you a good 'ol WV boy!!!

  2. Werd on those winds! Good ya got all the chairs out of the pool. I would have jumped in for sure, lolz