Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hot N Cold

They're "hot n they're cold, they're yes n they're no, they fight n break up, they kiss n make up". Except it looks like this time their "fireworks are never gonna shoot across the sky". AAAAhhhhhh, Katy Perry and Russell Brand seemed to be LIVING a Katy Perry song, didn't they? I just don't understand why they would be getting divorced. I mean really, two people who obviously have lost their plot and popped their top, (that's British slang for CRAZY), are obviously meant for each other!!!!

What could have been the deciding factor? She is gorgeous and has a bodacious bod!!!!! But word on the street is that Russell is tired of her hard partyin' lifestyle.  Ah Hah, so she's really all fur coat and no knickers. That's British slang for superficially beautiful but actually sleazy. Now come on Russell, she did "kiss a girl and like it". I thought all guys loved that shit!!!!! Or maybe he needs some more stability. It must be hard going to sleep with a brunette, and not knowing whether you are going to wake up beside a chick with purple hair, blue hair, or hair the color of cotton candy.

And what Russell lacks in the looks department, he more than makes up for with that awesome British accent and randy sense of humor. What woman could turn that down? Perhaps it's all that nasty hair. Maybe Katy is tired of firin' up the weed whacker every time Russell needs some man scapin'.

 Twitter photo of Brandi Glanville and her new husband, Darin Harvey.
Well at least one couple is now living the life of a Katy Perry song. Brandi Glanville married some guy in a drunken haze this past weekend in Sin City. Just like Katy says, "That's what you get for waking up in Vegas".

Photos via Google Images and Twitter

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