Monday, January 30, 2012

Busted at Da Krispy Kreme- Part II

If you remember, in early November 2011, I wrote a post about getting busted at Da Krispy Kreme when I tried to get free doughnuts with Ryan's report card when he wasn't with me because he was sick. Take a gander through the archives if you get a chance and read that one again. Here in the south, kids get a free doughnut for every A that they earn on their report card. The lady with the 5 tooth smile behind the counter wouldn't give me the free doughnuts, explaining that, "the chiil haz to be wif you". I was completely mortified thinking that everyone in the joint thought I was trying to pull a fast one over on Da Krispy Kreme. They probably also thought my kid was a dumb ass because after I handed her his report card, everyone saw me reach into my purse and pay for the damn doughnuts. Yea, I know what they were thinkin'- Geez, no A's for her kid, she actually has to PAY for her doughnuts.

Well today we DID pull a fast one over on Da Krispy Kreme. It was report card day again and Conner drives himself to get his free doughnuts. The way the high school report cards are designed, they list the grade for your final exam, as well as your final grade for the class. The rule at Krispy Kreme is a free doughnut of your choice for every A, up to 6 doughnuts for every customer. The lady behind the counter started counting up his A's, but she was also counting his final exam grades, instead of just his grade in the class. When she counted to 9, she said the maximum was 6 and allowed him to pick 6 doughnuts. How did we pull a fast one? Because he only got 3 A's as his final course grades, so in reality, he was only entitled to 3 free doughnuts. WHOO WEE, the kid got twice as many as he deserved!!!! I call that sweet redemption baby for making me feel like a complete asshole a few months ago when I couldn't get free doughnuts for my sick chiil 'cause he wasn't wif me!!!!!!!! And damn if they don't taste twice as good this time around.

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  1. haha aww :/ its just one donut they give them away free all the time! it shouldn't be such a big deal jeeeez

  2. "the chill has to be wif you" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

    Best blog I've found in months. I can tell I'm going to enjoy my stay here.


  3. She remembered you and didn't want to say anything, lolz... Either way, woo hoo free donuts. Thats effn awesome, Krispy Kreme has the BEST donuts ever. We're in the south and they don't do that for us, bastards!