Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Brand New Look- Same Ol' Me!!!!

How about my new header folks? Sounds kinda dirty I know, but that's actually what that thingy at the top is called. KUDOS to my friends Tammy Harrell and Robin DeVido for their graphic artistry and creativity in designing my header. I REALLY like saying that word!!!!!!! I especially like the fact that Tammy took a picture of me and made me into a cartoon character. She must have used a recently Botoxed shot of me 'cause my forehead and eyes are wrinkle free in the header. LOVE THAT!!!!!! Now, when I go for my real Botox tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to take a picture of the header and ask the chick if she can make my wrinkles magically disappear just like me in the header.

Anyway, sure hope you like the new design. Not bad for a technology dinosaur like me, who a few short months ago didn't even know what a blog was, or even how to upload pictures. I'm on a roll baby!!!!!!


  1. I love it! I took a shot at my own. I'm more IT than ARTSY, so it's not as awesome as yours. Maybe your graphics people can give mine a look and tell me how bad it sucks and how for a low low price, I too can glow like the botox worked!


  2. Looks evil, but in a fantastic way! I'm jealous!

    Now I'm looking at my own header, and feeling a bit... er... emasculated... :/

  3. Thanks guys!!! Someday I aspire to be awesome bloggers like you. As the wise book "Blogging for Dummies" says, your header can only attract readers, it can't make them stay.

  4. unless you make it look risque, then they might stay...

  5. It looks awesome! I'd love to have a header like that!

  6. it is awesome fo sho!!! :) woo hoo botox. Does that stuff hurt?! lolz