Monday, January 23, 2012

Adding Insult to Injury

Did you hear that the owners of the Costa Concordia are offering a 30% discount on future cruises to survivors of the disaster? WOW, I'm sure all 4,200 people on board that ship are lining up for that amazingly gracious offer fo' sho!!! I mean you are on a cruise, the ship sinks, your life is in danger, you are lucky to survive, and the cruise line then offers you a discount to take a future cruise. What a damn hair brained marketing tool to try to save your ass from getting sued!!!! That's like being in a plane crash and the airline announcing, "Congratulations, all survivors will receive 2 free first-class airline tickets anywhere in the continental United States..... some restrictions apply".

Oh and not only that, but representatives from Carnival, the ship's parent company, have been calling passengers daily asking if they have been suffering migraines, nightmares, or sleepless nights. Psychologists have warned that this type of questioning can actually trigger post traumatic stress, rather than relieve it. I don't know who is doing Carnival's damage control, but they really might want to rethink their game plan. Like my Daddy always says, "They are up shit creek without a paddle"!!!!!

However, there is good news for Captain Schettino, also known as Chicken of the Sea. An attractive blond woman named Domnica Cemortan has come to his defense saying he was not one of the first people to have left the ship as he is being charged. She says she was with the Captain at the time it is claimed he abandoned ship. Hhhhhhhhmmmmmmm................ wonder if there's more to that story??????????? Guess we'll find out if we hear about the Captain's wife goin' after him with a golf club.

P.S. A very special thank you to my good friend Erin for hooking me up with this blog worthy material.


  1. Hmm, thats pretty crazy for sure. Though Im betting a few of those who survived are like damn skraight I want some free tickets. woooo! lolz. I feel bad for those who didn't survive and whatever happened to the captain like the one on titanic who went down with his ship. That's messed up dooode takes off, regardless as to if he was 1st or 2nd, he should have been one of the last... Just sayin'! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Hmmm, sounds like the Capt'n and Miss Domnica were being quite nauti-cal and he was navigating a different kind of canal than the one the ship was in...

  4. Melissa you are so right. I think the Captain's mast became upright at the sight of a Sea-Ho instead of Land-Ho.

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