Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sounds (and Sights) of the Season

Ya gotta love those middle school band concerts. The tweens are so excited to play their instruments for their parents, siblings, grandparents and neighbors. And everyone is so very proud of them because this is really the highlight of their musical talents thus far.

Last night our family attended the winter concert at our son's middle school where he plays the trumpet in the 6th grade band. Although the band put on a great show, the BETTAH entertainment was in the audience. A 4 year old boy was sitting in front of us and he acted like a Mexican jumping bean. He was jumping up and down and flinging his head from side to side like Willow Smith's song, "I Whip My Hair Back and Forth" for 2 straight hours. Talk about some anger management issues too. He was wringing the neck on his stuffed teddy bear like you would want to do to Charles Manson. Then he would crawl under the seat and play with discarded gum and try to touch my son's shoes. The crazy thing is that his mother just sat there obliviously videotaping the concert the entire time completely ignoring him. I'm pretty sure they make medication to control that type of behavior. Or perhaps the old fashioned kick in the ass might work wonders.

That mother might want to talk to the Dad behind us who had his 8 year old in a headlock for most of the concert. Now that's a discipline style I agree with. Go Dad Go!!!!!!!! Then there was a lady to the right of us with a camera so large I'm pretty sure she needed security clearance to get into the building. I suspect she wasn't really taking pictures of her kid, but she was really a spy. The lens on that damn camera could see from here to China.

WHEW, when it was time for the 8th graders to perform, we saw a bit more than just a concert!!!!!! Let's just say that Little Miss Hoochie, Hoochie front and center needs to learn that a 3 inch skirt ain't gonna cover her Coochie Coochie!!!!!!!!!!!

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