Monday, December 26, 2011

Marc is Way Off the Mark

US magazine reports that Marc Anthony may fight J Lo on their current custody arrangements of their 3 year old twins. Seems like the Latin lover is pissed off that J Lo has found herself a new squeeze in a young buck named Casper Smart, a 24 year old back up dancer. I say GO COUGAR GO!!!!!!!

First of all, J Lo was named People magazine's most beautiful woman of 2011. I certainly can't argue that. She is stunningly gorgeous. What I could NEVAH figure out is why the most beautiful woman was married to quite possibly the ugliest man on the planet (other than perhaps Keith Richards or Tom Petty). If the singing gig doesn't pan out, he could definitely have a booming career in horror flicks. Not much makeup required to make him the hideous villain!! Plus, no woman wants to outweigh their man. SERIOUSLY, does Marc even weigh 120 pounds soaking wet? How could you even get pumped up for the boudoir if your husband's thighs looked like an anorexic chicken?

Be that as it may, reports from the tabloids have Marc hitting the roof after he saw photos of J Lo's new boy toy bonding with their 3 year old twins on a beach in Hawaii over Thanksgiving weekend. Marc may now go back on his word and fight J Lo over their custody arrangement which gives her primary custody. He reportedly would like to see J Lo date someone "more her equal".

My take on the whole deal goes back to those wise words from that awesome Kid Rock song. Marc is just pissed off and jealous 'cause J Lo's new man is "half his age and twice as hot"!!!!!!!

Photo: John Shearer/Wire Image


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