Monday, December 19, 2011

Hoot Done It?

Big news for novelist Michael Peterson. He is going to get a new trial because a key prosecution witness misled jurors about the strength of bloodstain evidence in his original trial. Mr. Peterson was found guilty of first degree murder in the 2001 death of his wife Kathleen. Mr. Peterson had claimed his wife died of an accidental fall down the staircase after drinking alcohol and taking Valium. The jurors didn't buy it after evidence that she was beaten by a fireplace poker was presented.

However, the guy sits in prison for a few years and now comes up with this whopper theory for his new trial- THE OWL DID IT!!!!!!!!  HOOT HOOT!!!! Yes folks, those damn owls are freakin' viscous in Durham, NC where the murder took place. The newspapers are FULL of reports of people dying every day from an owl attack.

Mr. Peterson now claims his wife was drinking wine that evening and decided to take out the trash or something. When she walked outside, the owl was lurking. The owl swooped down on her, crashed into her head and dug its talons into the back of her skull. She struggled with the owl but the bird swept in again digging deeper into the back of her head. The owl hit her again and again causing lacerations as she tried to ward off her attacker. She then ran inside the house and collapsed at the bottom of the steps because she was bleeding and in pain. She tried to get up but she slipped on her own blood causing her to hit her head on the bottom step.

Now that is downright scary!!! I don't know about you but I'm NEVAH, EVAH going outside again after dark for fear of those killer owls. And I thought the only critters we had to worry about here in North Cackalacky were lizards and snakes.

WOW, they sure didn't teach us those types of bonehead defenses at the law school I attended. But, I will give him creativity points. However, I do think he may want to use that creativity in his next novel instead of his defense on first degree murder charges. Stay tuned for the trial to find out hoot done it.


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