Tuesday, December 27, 2011

From Trash To Treasure

Can anyone guess what that contraption is smack dab in the middle of the trash pile with the numbers on it? No, it's not a calculator or a make shift bomb? It's actually Jeff's first cell phone circa 1991. I'm sure the bigger question you are all thinking is why in the hell do we still have it? I wish I had an answer for ya.

Long story short is that I received a certificate from Jeff and the boys on Christmas day that they would provide the labor on a "redo" of the cave where I currently bring you my blog, and turn it into a more Deb friendly blog atmosphere. Believe me, this is no easy feat as the current space is piled full of shit that no one has dared to sort through since the dark ages. Yesterday Jeff had a day off from work and he decided to take the first step. After he filled a few trash bags he was jokingly telling the boys about some of the crap he found in the room, one of which was his first cell phone ever that weighed about 5 pounds and caused him to walk sideways when he carried it in his pocket.

OH MY GAWD, Conner went nutso thinking that cell phone must be worth some serious money as it is an "antique" by now. He frantically takes every piece of garbage out of the bags searching in vain for that damn cell phone to no avail. Ryan goes over and finds that stupid phone in 2 seconds flat and takes it from him. Then the arguments start. "I searched that whole bag for that phone, it's MINE","It's MINE because I found it", "You didn't even want it until I said it was worth money", "Nu uh I didn't help because I was still eating dessert" (ya gotta have priorities ya know).

Jeff decided to settle the argument by digging through the trash and finding our first VHS video recorder and giving that to Ryan. You would have thought Santa Claus came again. That kid laughed and howled and had a freakin' blast checking out that ancient relic. We even had some old VHS tapes to put into the recorder for him. He really cracked up when we told him we were flat broke when we bought that thing, but we scrimped and saved 'cause we just HAD to have it in 1995 when Conner was born.

After the laughter died down from playing with those golden oldies, I seriously thought of calling the experts at the show "Hoarders" because we obviously have a real problem. Who the hell keeps that shit in their house, not to mention we moved at least 4 times since that cell phone was purchased and 3 times since the video camera was purchased. We actually paid to move that crap. WE ARE SICK, I'M TELLIN' YA, SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I would love to have some of my old 90's cell phones again, just for laughs. Those were giant, hideous pieces of crap that only worked about half the time.

    You know, that description also works for a couple friends of mine.


  2. I love finding old crap like that! I have to stop myself from becoming a hoarder, otherwise I would keep everything!

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