Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy ThanksLiving- NO THANKS!!!

I saw a segment on TV last night about a group of vegans who go to a farm every year to celebrate ThanksLiving, instead of ThanksGiving. These folks oppose animal cruelty and allow the turkeys to be the highlight of their celebration. The turkeys run around gobbling and eating their grub, while the vegans enjoy a meat and dairy free meal.

Now I certainly don't promote animal cruelty, but you can damn well bet the turkey is going to be the highlight of my ThanksGiving celebration too.  But the sucker won't be running around and his gobble will have been long gone!!!! I guess I'm just a crazy carnivore who chooses not to know how my meat got to my table. To me, Thanksgiving without that big, juicy bird as the centerpiece is like having sex without an orgasm. What would be the point?