Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Missionary Man

It's Wacky Wednesday time folks and when I saw this 16 year old  Little Bird on TV yesterday I thought to myself Who's That Girl? But DANG, There Must be an Angel somewhere 'cause he's some sort of Missionary Man. This "girl" is actually a boy who has seriously been touted all over the news as the hottest male model. Would I Lie to You folks?
His name is Lucky Blue Smith who ain't Walking on Broken Glass but is walkin' every runway from New York to Paris! With all his new found fame I bet Lucky is havin' some Sweet Dreams.
Here Comes the Rain Again 'er maybe a little deja vu 'cause when I look at Lucky all I see is Annie Lennox. Buy hey dude, I'm all about some Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves!

Monday, April 20, 2015

A Sex Selfie Star is Born

Ya know folks I've always dreamed of fame and fortune, but sadly the closest I've ever come is having the libation Debosa named after me for my affinity for a glass of champagne topped with a splash of mimosa. That is, until now. I have finally found my way to superstardom!!
This handy dandy new device is the Svakom Gaga Camera Vibrator, which is like an ordinary vibrator with an added extra bonus. It has a camera attached to it so you can snap all kinds of pics of your vajayjay doin' all kinds of fancy schmancy thangs right up to the big O. The high quality pics or videos can then be uploaded to your phone or computer. Just imagine the possibilities right there! Kim Kardashian and her sex tape ain't got nuthin' on me baby!!

For a mere investment of 185 bucks for this sex selfie stick I'm gonna make the modern day version of Debbie Does Dallas and take the world by storm. Stay tuned for A Sex Selfie Star is Born

Thanks Mindy for the story. I'll give you my autograph when I'm a famous sex selfie star!

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Feel Good Friday

It's Pink Lady Book Club tonight. There's not much discussion about the book, but after a few bottles of wine the conversation gets very interesting!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Go for the Gold

It's Wacky Wednesday folks and I know it's that time of the year where most of you are trainin' like an Olympian to fit into your bikinis and speedos in a few sort months. But you do that every year right? Why not break outta the mold and start trainin' for somethin' a little bit out of the ordinary? Here are a few ideas for ya that ya might wanna consider. Start trainin' now and Go for the Gold!
The Story Bridge Hotel hosts cock roach racing every year on Australia day. Good luck mates!
The Olympics of nails has normal to extreme categories. Why be normal when you can go to extreme lengths?
For all of you ZZ Top fans there's the World Beard and Mustache Championships.
If ya got a toe fetish, go for the world toe wrestling championship.
Y'all have heard of air band competitions, but how about air sex?
England has a gurning competition, which means to make an ugly face.
The Brits also have a worm charming championship. A 10 year old girl holds the record for charming 567 worms from the soil.
Bee wearing competition. Uh yea, I think I'll stick to vinegar rather than honey on that one!
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Monday, April 13, 2015

Head of the Class

When several friends sent me this cock and bull story and said they thought about me when they read it, I just knew I could get off to a head start and bring you folks the loooooong version.  So there's Micha Stunz, a German man, who had the cockamamie idea to enlarge his penis with silicone injections so that it is now 9 inches long, and weighs between 7.5 and 9.5 pounds. This dickhead can't say exactly how much his unit weighs because his kitchen scale only goes up to 6.6 pounds and it has weighed more than that for awhile. Isn't that a ball buster!

Sadly, the silicone injections provide no physical pleasure and actually make sex more difficult. Mr. Dick for Brains can not even get a normal erection because of all the silicone, but he does streeeeeeetch his imagination and become more creative in the bedroom. Lawd, sure hope he nevah gets blue balls 'cause that would be one for the history books!
But, Mr. Stunz is not cocky about bein' the head of the class because he says he's actually quite shy and he prefers to hide his bulge with his satchel in public. He also does not dick around and prefers not to tell people about bein' so pumped up. He wants people to love him for him, rather than his love muscle.
However, I'm not stretchin' the truth when I tell ya that Micha is certainly the cock of the walk here at a bondage and fetish festival in Berlin, the one place where he says you can offer up who you are and not worry what others think of you. Now I know all of you dudes have serious penis envy after seein' that pic!

So I was thinkin' if this heavy weight ever got the shaft and his balls were to the wall, could he use his dipstick to his advantage? And dang, the possibilities are endless. He has his own built in kickstand when riding a bike, his own anchor while out boating, his own bat for a pick up game of baseball, his own croquet mallet for a garden party, his own 10 pound bowling ball, his own nutcracker at Christmas and his own sledgehammer. Now that's a ball breaker!

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